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Please read what some of our clients have to say about our staff and services. Do you have a testimonial to share? Email it to us. Let your voice be heard!

It is our privilege and honor to write a testimonial regarding our experience with the Idaho Veterinary Hospital. Our relationship began a few years back. We raise Weimaraners (www.weims4sale.com). We discovered Dr. Calhoun in our search for a professional to PennHIP our Weimaraners as well as to complete health screens. We have grown to truly appreciate Dr. Calhoun and his staff of competent professionals. From the front desk to the PennHIP assistants, everyone works hard to make our experience a good one. We are constantly amazed at the invaluable depth of knowledge, professionalism, and personal attention given to us. We never hesitate to recommend the Idaho Veterinary Hospital to our puppy owners as well as other pet owners.
Cliff & Shela NielsenOwyheeStar Weimaraners – Ontario, Oregon

Years ago we had a dog “Chocee” that became very ill, Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Calhoun spent years treating her and in doing so, gave her a lot more quality time that we expected. They did a few things that were unconventional and told me we can try this but we don’t know if it is going to work. They spent so much time researching what could possibly be wrong with her, and at my request tested for almost everything under the sun. They got opinions from another specialist when they could not find the problem and no one could find what was wrong with her. Dr. Caldwell would call all of the time out of the blue just to see how she was doing. The time and effort that they put forth to care for her and research possible problems were amazing. There came a time when they had done all they could and Chocee lived her life out. Knowing that they never gave up on trying finding a cure for her meant the world to me.

As a breeder it is very important to have a Vet that is knowledgeable, caring and honest. When I take my puppies in for their 6-week checks, Dr. Calhoun gives them such a thorough exam that I know each puppy that is going to a new home is going perfectly healthy. If there is something even minor wrong with a puppy Dr. Calhoun notes it in their health records that go home with the new owners. We have been lucky that all the puppies go home healthy. It is very reassuring to know I don’t have to worry when the new owners take the puppy to their vet for the initial puppy check that they are not going to find anything wrong with the puppy. There is nothing more damaging to a breeder than to have a puppy go to its new home with a problem.

When we are helping a litter of puppies and knowing the many things that can go wrong, it is very nice to know that if we run into complication Dr. Calhoun and his staff are just a phone call away to make sure that all the puppies are born healthy. Just this last year Maci had a complication and Dr. Caldwell and Bridget delivered the last 4 puppies and saved the life of one that we thought we had lost because I thought it was in the birth canal too long. Bridget is a wonder when it comes to the puppies and bringing them back.

I just want to thank Dr. Calhoun and his staff at Idaho Vet Hospital for all the wonderful care you all have given my dogs over the years.

Karen KellarHappyvalley Newfoundlands

Just recently we had a 2 ½ week old puppy get sick, I took the puppy in on a Friday morning and Dr. Calhoun treated the puppy and he was doing well when I took him home. Dr. Calhoun called to check and see how the puppy was doing before he left for the night. I told him he had eaten and seems to be doing well. About an hour later I called him back and told him the puppy has taken a turn for the worst. Dr. Calhoun had me meet him back at the clinic and he treated the puppy, once again he was doing well when we left. We took the puppy back the next morning and Dr, Burnett checked him over and he was still doing great. Once again they called to make sure he was still doing well and I once again told them he is doing great eating and seems to be strong. Then about a 1 ½ hours later the puppy was struggling to breathe. I knew that the doctors had left for the weekend so I rushed the puppy over to another emergency clinic and on the way I called Dr. Burnett. She was there all night long for the questions I had with the treatment the other clinic was giving the puppy. I lost count on how many times I called her, but she only showed compassion instead of irritation every time I called. The following morning on Sunday she met me back at Idaho Vet and they continued the care for him. The staff would go back to the clinic in the middle of the night to check on him and feed him until he was ready to come home for good. This went on for 3 days. That is what I would call dedication to the care of animals. Then I received the bill, unlike the other clinic I took him to, I did not have to mortgage the farm.

As an animal rescue volunteer I count on a vet clinic that I can trust, from the care of the animals to support and sometimes help making those tough decisions. I appreciate, trust, and respect Idaho Veterinary Hospital and their entire staff. Because of the care at IVH, the animal’s lives are greatly enriched.
Nina Trenwith, PresidentNorthwest Animal Companions
Dr Calhoun and Staff,
I want to commend you, you guys are great! When I made the first phone call, your receptionist was very helpful and polite. When I got there, I was very impressed with how clean your office is and how helpful the entire staff is to all the clients that came into your office. When I got there, I didn’t have to wait long before getting in to see you. When I came in I had a lot of questions, which you answered. I was so impressed with you for spending the quality time with me, Zues and Zena regarding the health issues we were dealing with. I have total confidence in you and your staff; it’s nice to have that peace of mind, knowing you have someone you can trust in and depend on for your pet’s needs. I personally deal with the public every day and I am going to let everyone I know and come in contact with how great you and your staff are.
Liz Kimble
When I say the only problem with the standard of care and compassion at Idaho Vet is that it is so high that no other Vet Clinic in the area has a chance to live up to that standard. Thank you so much for being the Best Vets EVER. It is not an empty gesture, but rather a statement based on years of personal experience and the excellent care that my dogs have received over the past 20 years.
For years Idaho Veterinary Hospital has provided experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate care for my animals. There is no question that the entire staff works diligently to provide the best, and friendliest, care in the valley. I trust them completely and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. I feel that providing high quality care for my animals is my responsibility. Dr. Calhoun an his staff have helped me to make sure that my animals have a wonderful quality of life for as long as I can keep them! I greatly appreciate the entire staff.
Laura Sandidge, Ph.D.
Last year I lost one of my Dogs “COOPER”. I called Dr. Calhoun late at night and he rushed down to his Clinic to try and help Cooper. He knew that I would do anything possible to save one of my dogs. I could tell by the look on his face that there really was not anything that could be done to save Cooper, and as he was explaining to me that he might not make through the surgery as Bridget was in getting things set up and waiting for me to make the decision, Cooper died in my arms. There was nothing that could have been done to save Cooper we had gotten him there too late but that did not stop Dr. Calhoun from trying. The compassion that Dr. Calhoun and Bridget showed that night and Jaymie showed the following morning when I went back to take Cooper home was unreal. That is when you really know that you are not just a customer but that they really care about you and your pets. You cannot fake that kind of compassion.
Cooper's Mom

To say that I have trust in the care that they give my dogs is an understatement. I tell breeders that I work with all over the country about the quality of care that my dogs receive; they always tell me that they could only dream about having that kind of access to such an excellent group of veterinarians. Dr. Calhoun and his staff always go above and beyond in the care for my dogs whether it is just standard yearly exams or an emergency for them.