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Meet the Team

Our Veterinarians

Dr. John Calhoun


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Dr. Jennifer Pearson


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Dr. Rebecca Hopwood, Veterinarian

Dr. Rebecca Hopwood


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Meet the Crew


Bridget joined our team in 2007. She is our Reproduction specialist here at Idaho Veterinary Hospital. Her love of helping animals brought her to IVH and she enjoys working with them everyday. Her favorite aspect of her job is how working with the IVH staff is like belonging to a family; everyone is dedicated to helping clients and their animals.

Outside of work Bridget enjoys horseback riding; especially on field trails and hunting. Her favorite animals are horses and dogs.





Kate joined our team in 2008. As a child she set her mind on the veterinary field and often doctored or raise any animals she could find.  At IVH she started out volunteering; helping the technician staff. Although she is our manager, she is often found helping with avian and reproductive services. She loves being around animals and interacting with clients and pets. She enjoys the variety of animals she gets to see each day.

Outside of work, Kate enjoys spending time with her family, dog, and birds. Falconry has been a cornerstone in her life, as she has been practicing it from her first steps. Her favorite animal is, of course, the falcon.




Roni joined IVH in January of 2013. Roni has developed a strong interest in canine and feline nutrition, and has become our practice’s nutrition coach.  Her favorite part of working here is that she loves helping pets and their owners learn new things. Outside of work, Roni loves showing and training her German Shepherds, as well as spending time with family, hiking, camping, fishing and sports.

Her favorite animals are Dogs and Horses.




Elizabeth joined the Idaho Veterinary Hospital team in January of 2018 after relocating to Idaho from South Carolina.  Her passion for helping animals and being an advocate for their care has made her the perfect Surgical Scrub Nurse.  Her duties include pampering our procedure patients before and after their procedures and making certain that our surgical equipment is kept in top notch condition. Elizabeth is looking forward to continuing her education in our field, especially in the areas of dental procedures and surgeries; as well as Exotic Animal husbandry.

Eventually, she would love to become a certified Vet Tech.  Outside of work, Elizabeth’s goal is to obtain the ideal place to be able to take in rescues of all species; She’s never met an animal that she doesn’t love.  With that being said, she loves her two dogs, Chili & Nova. and Tennessee Walker, “Delight”, the most.





Kendall joined the IVH team in 2014 as a Receptionist and is now our Financial Manager. This career is a good fit for her, she enjoys interacting with all the different species we see, as well as talking to the awesome clients and working with an amazing team. Outside of work, Kendall enjoys spending time with her dog, a German Shepherd named “Troy” and her husband, Mark.

She also likes to workout and spend time with her family and friends. Her favorite animals are Dogs and Penguins.


Jen began working with IVH’s Reception team in 2014 and then became one of our wonderful Exam Room Technicians in 2017.  She loves seeing the different personalities of every pet that comes in, and all of the new things she learns every day! Her favorite animal is the German Shepherd; they are beautiful, loyal and strong.

Outside of work, Jen enjoys camping, snowboarding, taking road trips and relaxing with friends and family!


d“D” joined the technician team in 2014 after graduating from college. She has always wanted to help animals and even as a child would play vet. “D” loves every part of her career, especially when she can change a patient’s life with a little help. She plans on continuing her education with hopes of working for the Fish and Game in the future.

Outside of work, “D” enjoys hunting, fishing and camping, or staying home and taking care of her dogs “Taz” and “Onyx” and her many reptiles. “D” has a hard time choosing a favorite animal, because she loves them all, but she does have a soft spot for dogs, savannah monitors, bearded dragons, tortoises and geckos!



Jillian joined the IVH team in 2015 and is our Lead Technician and Technician Manager, as well as in integral part of our Canine Reproduction Team. She has been involved in the veterinary field since 2009, starting as a kennel attendant in Texas and working her way up to a veterinary technician. Her obvious love for animals started her on this path, but as she says, “The ability to help patients and their ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ is what keeps me in the field”. Jillian enjoys the interaction with all of our clients and their fur babies.

Jillian shares her home with 3 dogs,”Goat” the Goldendoodle, “Scout” the Aussie and “Ally” the Golden Retriever, as well as “L.E.” and “Pockets” the kitties. She also enjoys spending time with her two thoroughbreds, “Finnie” and “Lady”.


Alyssa joined Idaho Vet in 2015 after completing her externship as a Certified Veterinary Technician from Broadway University. Alyssa has become one of our go-to experts on exotic medicine and surgical procedures.  She has always been interested in medicine, and fell in love with being surrounded by animals after working on a ranch in high school. After that, veterinary medicine was a natural choice.

Alyssa enjoys the variety of patients we see on a daily basis; swans, hamsters, tree frogs, birds of prey, reptiles, and of course cats and dogs! The most rewarding part of her career is working with doctors to get patients back to 100% and seeing the animal’s excitement to see their family. Alyssa’s favorite animal is the cow, and of course her Catahoula Leopard Dog, “Tipsy”.


Janet joined Idaho Veterinary Hospital’s Front staff in January of 2016. This is an exciting career change for her, being able to work with animals and their owners is something she loves. Janet and her husband, Glendon, have been married for 22 years and have 3 kids; Jackson, Madison and Raiden.

At home, Janet has her hands full with her Shih Tzu “Zowie” and her cat “Twilight”. Zowie is very playful and loving, definitely the baby of the family, and just a bit spoiled!


Jessica joined Idaho Veterinary Hospital as a Front Office Representative in March of 2017!  She is drawn to the veterinary field by her love of all animals, especially her own, and a deep interest in the medical field.  While she loves working around all the cute and fascinating animals every day, her primary goals are to grow in the Idaho Vet family and gain as much knowledge as possible.

You can call Jessica our ‘cat lady’; felines are definitely her favorite animal.  She has always felt at peace while cuddling a sweet kitty.  Her cat, ‘Tora’, is a sweet and sassy kitty, always keeping her on her toes, along with her border collie, ‘Tuff’.






Katy  joined Idaho Vet as a Vet Tech in 2016.  She was drawn to the veterinary field after a life-long love of animals and learning about them.  This is the perfect career for her because she can spend an abundance of time with a variety of animals and provide help when they most need it.  She is a true advocate for the animals!  While she is here she hopes to expand her knowledge on the many different types of exotic critters we see and also continuing her education on such things as surgeries (they’re her favorite!)!

Over the next year, Katy’s goal is to complete her Certification in Veterinary Technology.  She can’t pick just one favorite animal, but mostly includes felines; both wild and domestic!  She has 3 cats herself, Butters, Dougie and Marceline, and of course don’t forget the dog, “Zelda”.



Jesse  joined Idaho Veterinary Hospital in 2018 as an exam room technician after many years in the pet-supply field.  Since a very young age, she has loved animals and had a calling to help them in their time of need.  Educating owners on their pet’s needs and witnessing their pet flourishing is incredibly rewarding for her. In her time at IVH, she hopes to be a welcoming face to both owners and patients and to help them feel as comfortable and happy as possible while visiting us. She is looking forward to expanding her skill set and learning from & working with our amazing staff.

Outside of work, Jesse enjoys horseback riding, with the Quarter Horse being her favorite animal with their diversified abilities. Jesse has many animals of her own, including 2 dogs, “Buckey” & “Rowdy”, “Mufasa” the Ragdoll, “Muffin” & “Ducky” the parrots, “Binx” the Skink, 2 mares “Ginger” & “Otawna”, and of course her chickens!


Becca  joined the IVH team in the Fall of 2017. As a child, she dreamed of being a veterinarian and played ‘doctor’ with her family pets, nurturing everything, even insects.  This taught Becca an equally important role as a technician, which has made her a wonderful advocate for animals that could not speak for themselves.  Following this path, she became a Certified Veterinary Technician just over a year ago.  She came to IVH because she knew it would be the best place to expand not only her skills but her knowledge of all the different types of animals we see!

Becca’s goal is to become the best tech that she can possibly be.  She would like to eventually specialize in something such as dentistry, laboratory or anesthesia.  Besides her own critters, Muffin, Sable, and Popeye (the one-eyed kitty!), Becca’s favorite animal is the elephant; They’re big, graceful and live together harmoniously.


Sabine  joined the IVH team originally in 2006 and after a brief hiatus joined us again in fall of 2017.  She has become one of our dedicated Surgical Technicians, specializing in anesthesia and dental procedures.  In her time away from work, Sabine loves exploring the great outdoors on her horse, Gigi, with her two dedicated dogs, “Tatonka” the heeler and “Levi” the border collie, who both love to join her on the occasional cattle drives.

When Sabine has a few moments to rest at home, she enjoys the company of her husband Rick, and feline friends, “Silky”, ‘George” “Macy” and “Sammie”.