Support Team

MichelleMichelle joined our team in October, 2005. She started out as a receptionist and is now our Office Manager. She loves helping clients and their pets, playing with the pets when they come in, and working with the IVH staff. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, snowboarding, wake-boarding, camping, and photography. Her favorite animals are dolphins and whales.
facebook_-508815196Jaymie joined our team in August, 2006. She started out as a receptionist and is now our  Practice  Manager. Since she loves all animals, she considered it ideal to work for Idaho Vet. She enjoys greeting everyone and their animals, getting to know our clients and their pets, learning new things daily, and being part of such a great team. Outside of work, Jaymie enjoys playing sports: softball, soccer, volleyball, and attending baseball games. She loves anything water and sun related, fishing, boating, camping, and spending time with her son. Her favorite animal is the squirrel.
KateKate joined our team in August, 2009. She started out volunteering; helping the technician staff in the treatment area. We enjoyed Kate so much we offered her a job as one of our receptionists. She loves being around animals and interacting with clients and pets. She enjoys the variety of animals she gets to see each day.Outside of work Kate enjoys spending time with her family, dog, and birds. She likes being outdoors and practicing falconry. Her favorite animal is the falcon.
SabineSabine joined our team in February, 2006 as an assistant. She had previously worked as a large animal technician for nine years, working primarily with horses before deciding on a change of scenery. She loves working with animals; especially getting to watch them recover.Outside of work Sabine enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, boating, camping, fishing, horseback riding, bike riding, and walking her dog. Her favorite animals are horses, cats, and especially her German shepherd, Tascha.
Bridget joined our team in April, 2007. She is the Lead Technician/Reproduction specialist here at Idaho Veterinary Hospital. Her love of helping animals brought her to IVH and she enjoys working with them everyday. Her favorite aspect of her job is how working with the IVH staff is like belonging to a family; everyone is dedicated to helping clients and their animals.Outside of work Bridget enjoys horseback riding; especially on field trails and hunting. Her favorite animals are horses and dogs.
Coming-SoonCora joined our team in April, 2003. She works as an assistant. She had previously been a volunteer for veterinary hospitals before joining the crew at IVH. She really enjoys caring for the patients and the boarding animals, making sure that they get lots of attention.Outside of work Cora enjoys crossword puzzles, playing board games and cards with friends, and working out in her yard. She can’t choose a favorite animal, she loves them all; but she will admit she’s partial to cats.
Heidi joined our team in August, 2010 as a kennel attendant. She is now our kennel supervisor for Fur and Feathers Resort. Her favorite part of working at IVH is the never ending learning opportunities and spending time with the animals.  Outside of work she loves spending time with her family, most of all playing with her daughter Isabel.  For Heidi, her favorite animal is a hard choice, she loves having a kitty to cuddle with or a dog to make things exciting, but we cannot forget her obsession of butterflies and complete infatuation with reptiles!
Ashley joined our team in August, 2010 as a receptionist. She enjoys working with clients and getting to greet them and their pets every day. She likes the people she works with and admires that the veterinarians do their best with every animal that comes through the door.Outside of work Ashley enjoys being with family and friends, reading, and photography. Her favorite animal is the tiger; although to own, she would like an Olde English sheepdog.
Roni webRoni  joined IVH in January, 2013 as an assistant.  Her favorite part of working here is that she loves helping pets and their owners learn new things.  Outside of work, Roni loves showing and training her German Shepherds. She also enjoys spending time with family, hiking, camping, fishing and sports.  Her favorite animals are Dogs and Horses.
evannEvann  joined our team in 2013 after attending college and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician.  She loves the variety of pets that we see every day, and the staff she works with.  Outside of work, Evann likes anything outdoors; hiking, fishing, and camping.  She also likes working with reptiles and spends a lot of time socializing her own.  Evann also has a passion for furthering her knowledge in animal behavior and training.  Her favorite animal is the Emerald Tree Boa.
Brian webBrian joined Idaho Vet in 2012 as a kennel attendant, and is attending school to become a Certified Veterinary Technician, and loves every moment of it.  His favorite part of working here is seeing repeat pets, especially when they recognize him.  Brian’s favorite animal is the Grey Wolf.
Coming-SoonJen joined the team in 2014 as a receptionist.  She loves seeing the different personalities of every pet that comes in, and all of the new things she learns every day!  Her favorite animal is the German Shepherd; they are beautiful, loyal and strong.  Outside work, Jen enjoys camping, snowboarding, taking road trips and relaxing with friends and family!
lisa webLisa joined our team in 2013 as a CVT after graduating from BYU in 2012.  She developed an interest in the field due to her love of animals and science.  She wanted to work with animals in a field where I would see new things and be challenged every day.  Lisa’s favorite animal is the intelligent and beautiful horse.  She loves being around, riding and learning from them.  Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, training and playing with her animals, being outdoors, hiking and crocheting.
photoMegan joined our team in April 2014.  Growing up she always wanted to work with animals and decided to attend the Vet Tech program at BYU-I, graduating in 2012.  She finds the veterinary field very rewarding, and loves being able to learn new things every day; besides, who can deny the adorableness of puppies and kittens!  Outside of work, Megan enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as shopping, baking and being outdoors.  Her favorite animal is the giraffe; they’re adorable.  Since she can’t have one as a pet, she’ll settle for a dog!